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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Come on Jio Phone Whatsapp, like download

Come on Jio Phone Whatsapp, like download

Come on Jio Phone Whatsapp, like download

Special points

  • On August 15, you came to the WhatsApp phone in the phone.
  • Secure is WhatsApp App with End-to-End Encryption
  • VoetsApp feature for jio Phone

JioPhone users are eagerly awaiting the instant messaging app for WhatsApp. If you are among the users who are waiting for this app, then your long wait now is over. On 15th August, WhatsApp was roll out for Jio Phone, the cheapest feature phone of Reliance Jio, which runs on Kai OS. But WhatsApp is being rolled out now after long intervals. On Monday, WhatsApp said that all users of JioPhone and Jio Phone 2 will get the app by September 20. Users can download the app by going to jio Store. At the 41st Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries on July 5, WhatsApp and YouTube apps were shown in Jio Phone. The company had promised that on the occasion of the 72nd Independence Day, WhatsApp will be rolled out to Geo Phone, but it did not happen.

Like the Android and iPhone version, JioPhone's Whatsapp version is also secure with end-to-end encryption. With the help of app, the user can easily record the voice and send it to other users easily. Users can chat the group but you will not be able to make voice or video calls directly. The payment feature for Android and iPhone will not be available to you on the phone. At present, the payment feature for Android and iPhone is currently in beta stage. To download WhatsApp in Jio Phone, go to the Geo Store menu bar and find WhatsApp. Click the install button to download the app. Before adopting this process, you must ensure that your Geo Phone is working on the latest software. If you did not update the phone, the phone will be asked to update to the latest software while downloading the app.

There are more than 200 million active users in India (Monthly) of WhatsApp. This number is more likely to increase after the WhatsApp app on the Jio Phone. Akash Ambani, director of Reliance Geo Infocomm, said that we are going to give the most used chat applications for all live phones. We would like to thank Facebook and WhatsApp team. Google roll out Google Assistant for Jio Phone in December last year. The special Google Map version and video streaming app for the Jio Feature Phone has also been released to YouTube.

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